My Blog, My Voice

Everyone has a story worth sharing; no matter who you are and no matter how “typical” you think your life has been, your viewpoint is entirely unique to you and that’s amazing. No one else in the history of humankind has seen the world in the exact same way as you and no one who will live in the future every will either. Think about the weight of that statement…you are the only you that will ever exist on this earth.

If you don’t use your voice, who will tell your story? How will you connect with people who have gone through the same experiences—experiences that were empowering, frustrating, and everywhere in between—if you don’t put yourself out there and share your story with the world? Your story may motivate someone to make a positive change in their life; it may comfort someone who has felt alone while going through the same struggles as you have; it may even allow you to finally realize that although your life may seem pretty “typical” to you, you have actually done some pretty astonishing things.

For years I have thought that my story was not worth sharing. I haven’t climbed Mount Everest, ran 50 marathons in a year, built a million-dollar business by the age of 21, or traveled the world, so why would anyone want to hear about my “typical” life? Because the story of a woman navigating her way through life, struggling to find her place in the world and learning many valuable lessons along the way, deserves to be told just as much as the stories of the people who have done the impressive things I have listed.

It has taken me a long time to realize that many of my accomplishments in life so far are not insignificant. I have graduated from one of the top schools for my major, I have moved across the country, and I have realized the person I was meant to become. I may only be a 24-year-old graduate student, lacking the decades of life experiences and wisdom that people usually enjoy reading about, but what I have learned along my journey so far is equally worth sharing. I have worked hard to get where I am now, and I continue to work hard to take my life to the next level. I have succeeded, I have struggled, I have crashed and burned, and I have picked myself back up again. And that is a story worth telling.

So this blog is my voice, and this is my story. It is a story of how I overcame overwhelming self-doubt, got organized, developed a vision for my future, and figured out how to be my best self. My voice is ready to share its opinions, its advice, and the lessons it has learned about becoming who I was meant to be after finally realizing that I am unique and I deserve to be heard just as much as the people on the magazine covers.

Everyone has a story worth sharing, and my voice is ready to share mine with you.


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