A Long Hiatus, Explained

I need to explain myself.

So you may have come across my blog and saw I had two measly little posts and haven’t posted a single thing since and immediately assumed that I was just another person who thought a blog would be a fun hobby and quickly got bored with it, right? To be honest, I almost convinced myself that was the truth too, but the reality is that life smacked me in the face not long after I got started.

Right as I developed a clear vision and a plan of what I wanted this blog to become, everything happened at once: my nagging back and elbow injuries forced me out of the gym, I sliced my finger open making dinner which left me with three usable fingers on my left hand, and the frenzy that is the last few weeks of the semester hit hard. With making school deadlines, making thesis progress, and only having one hand to type with, my stress was at an all time high for this year and I had no outlet for it without the gym.

As a result, I fell into a slump where despite my successful first semester back in classes I felt like a failure; all I could think about was how not working out would lead to weight gain and how the very long to-do list of class assignments and thesis deadlines was paralyzing me from working on anything. With my life being anything but sunshine and rainbows, I figured the last thing anyone would want to read about was my struggles.

Now that the storm has passed, I opened up my blog site once more with some reluctance. I questioned whether my story was worth telling, because who would want to hear from someone who isn’t always on top of their game? And then I saw it: my very first post. It was all I needed to reignite my motivation.

Like I said in that first blog post, every story is worth telling; even those that seem insignificant when they’re happening. It’s ridiculous for me to be embarrassed about the times when I am struggling because the reality is that everyone goes through those struggles. Everyone goes through times when nothing seems to be going right. So if I share my struggles and how I get through them with you all, maybe I can give someone hope who is going through the same thing. Maybe I can say that one thing that will make everything click for that person and they can overcome whatever it is they are dealing with.

No more being embarrassed and no more shying away from the computer. From here on in, this blog will show everything—both good and bad—that comes with the life of a graduate student trying to balance it all. And now that I have two hands to type with again, sharing my life will be a heck of a lot easier!


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